The Hucknall Beer Festival has kicked off a weekend of beer, perry and cider tasting galore at the John Godber Centre showcasing the best ales from across Nottingham and the East Midlands.

Since beginning in 1997 the festival has brought brewers from across Nottingham and the East Midlands to show off their finest brews.

The festival is running from Friday to Sunday and will feature live music and a range of over 60 beers and ciders.

Andrew Ludlow, 62, secretary of Nottingham Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) said: “We work very closely with Nottingham CAMRA and Mansfield and Ashfield CAMRA who’ve sourced the beers that are a bit further away.”

He added: We’ve used Lincoln Green Hucknall brewery to provide not just their beers but a range of other local beers so it’s a nice balance between local and national so that people can come and try beers that they don’t normally see but also try their old favourites.”


Clare Tasker, 33, secretary and young members representative for Mansfield and Ashfield CAMRA said: “I think recently there’s been a lot more interest in younger people trying real ale and that’s one of the things that CAMRA tries to promote.”

She added: “I think especially in this part of the world we’re really lucky to have lots of different breweries producing lots of different beers for people to try.”

The festival, which runs across the weekend at Hucknall’s John Godber Centre is expected to draw beer lovers from across the region.

Andrew said: “We’ve got stout, porters, lager, red coloured beers… we’ve got the full range so that when people first arrive they can sample the different flavours.”

He added: “On Saturday we have band playing a selection of songs from folk to light rock so it should be the sort of pleasant evening for people to have live entertainment in the background that doesn’t stop them talking about the beers and enjoying them.”

“We’ve got stout, porters, lager, red coloured beers, dark coloured beers, pale ale, perry and cider so there’s a good variety!”


On her favourite beer, Clare said: “If I had to drink one beer for the rest of my life it’s have to be Lincoln Green Tuck. It’s a dark beer with a really nice berry taste as well as being a rounded and full bodied beer!”

Andrew chose a more local brew, he said: “I would probably go with Rock Mild, brewed in Nottingham they’ve been doing it for some years and have perfected the quality of the mild it’s deep, rich, and has hints of caramel. It’s just got enough malt and it’s perfect for a mild with a relatively low ABV on the alcohol side so I can cycle home after I’ve been drinking it!”