A group of Brownies in West Bridgford have successfully raised enough for new toilets in Africa and India.

The 18 Brownies raised £214.84 at the fundraising drive which attracted over 90 people to the event.

The event took place at Paxlden, Rectory Road, on Tuesday and surpassed the £120 target the Brownies had set.

Deborah Phelps, 34, one of three Brown Owls for the girls, from West Bridgford, said: “We raised far more than we expected and it’s brilliant that we’ve raised enough now for toilets.

“The Brownies got into groups and decided how they were each going to set up their stall.

“Some decided to bake cakes or paint nails, and one group had ‘pin the poo in the toilet’ instead of pin the tail on the donkey!”

The fundraising also consisted of face painting, a tombola, a treasure map and sold cakes.


Deborah, who works as a safety engineer at Rolls-Royce, said: “Each Brownie had at least two or three people come up to them and we were really happy with the turn-out.

“I found out about the Twinning Toilet scheme and found out that only four in ten people don’t have access to a toilet.

“The charity that runs the scheme will build the toilet and educate the locals on sanitation.

“The Brownies voted to have toilets placed in two locations and decided to choose Uganda and India.”

Toilet Twinning has provided more than 35,000 toilets in 40 countries.

The charity’s Laura Mosley said: “In the places where we work, a simple pit latrine is quite literally a life-saver.

“If a family has a toilet at home, they can keep clean and healthy so are much less prone to sickness and disease.

“That means they can work, so they can grow enough food to eat and afford to send their children to school.

“Toilets represent a vital first step out of generational poverty – so the Brownies’ fundraising will change lives forever.”