Nottinghamshire Police have been applauded for their fair use of tasers and their compliance with the Best Use of Stop and Search scheme.

Overall the force was rated “‘good” by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) legitimacy inspection, and was awarded four out of five stars.

The inspection, which took place in 2015, found its use of Stop and Search power to be necessary, proportionate and carried out with dignity and respect.

The focus on the appropriate use of these powers, as well as additional officer training and close supervision means that the force fully complies with every area of the Home Office’s Scheme.

Deputy Chief Constable Su Fish said: “We have invested a lot of time and focus on the importance of getting our use of stop and search right, ensuring communities understand how and why we use the power, giving people the right to tell us when we don’t get it right.”

She added: “The public is at the heart of what we do, and we will continue to introduce new innovative ways of engaging and understanding them.”

The force was however found to “require improvement” in engaging with and fairly treating the people it serves.

“Room for improvement”

HMI Zoe Billingham said: “We found good examples of how the force engages with members of the public, but there is room for improvement here.”

The report said that while the force was good at dealing with complaints and allegations, the perception by some staff and officers was that there was room for improvement.

It said: “The force recognises it has more to do to show how it responds fairly to concerns raised by officers and staff.”

Ms Billingham added: “Officers and staff have a good understanding of the people they serve although this understanding is not recorded, which means it cannot be shared across the organisation.”

Nottinghamshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping said that he was pleased with the force’s “good” rating.

He said: “I’m particularly pleased to see HMIC’s recognition of the excellent work to ensure Stop and Search is carried out with dignity and sensitivity, when necessary and in an a proportionate way.”