Nottingham shops can expect to open for longer on Sundays with the Government set to give local authorities the power to decide on trading hours.

The new rule will be introduced in the autumn in a bid to boost economic activity and so retailers can compete better for trade.

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Amendments made to the Enterprise Bill earlier this week means local authorities can extend Sunday opening hours and allow local shops to seasonally adjust their hours to take advantage of increased tourism opportunities.

Staff will have the freedom to “opt out” if they want particularly if its for religious or family reasons.

Business minister Anna Soubry said: “The rights of shop workers are key to making these changes work in everyone’s interest.

“We are protecting those who do not wish to work Sundays and those who do not wish to work longer than their normal Sunday working hours.”

Shop workers will have to give one month’s notice if they no longer wish to work on a Sunday and new rights will be introduced which allows employees to decline additional working hours.

The Government has said it will reinforce the duty of employers to make their staff aware of their rights about working Sundays.

The plans have been supported by councils, leading retailers and business leaders.

Robin Pounder, manager at Wild clothing, Nottingham, said: “It’s become quite obvious that the kids who work for us weren’t really bothered. They’re quite happy to work.

“Sunday really means nothing to anybody any more unless you’re religious, for example. It’s just another day for a lot of people.”