The “Great British Sexpert” has taken to the streets of Nottingham this week to give advice to locals about dating,mating and relating, in the run up to Valentine’s Day on Sunday.

The Sexpert, who’s real name is Rebecca Dakin, is hoping to encourage people to embrace intimacy, boost body confidence and rediscover pleasure in sex and dating.

Today’s campaign took place outside Theatre Royal, where Rebecca handed out valentines cards with condoms in, to encourage safe sex over the weekend of romantic celebrations.

She said: “We’ve been in Nottingham for five days now and each day we have been giving advice on a different topic.

“It was a bit slow at first to get people talking about it but then people get on a role and everyone seems to want to talk to us.

“We are known as Brits to be a bit stiff upper lip about this sort of thing so to have people open up to me has been fantastic.”

Rebecca is planning to release a sex tips book later on in the year and wants to let the people of Nottingham know she is available to help if anyone needs dating advice.

Katie Crossthwaite, 21, a student at Nottingham Trent University, said: “I was excited to hear the Great British Sexpert was in Nottingham as I think it’s great to know there is someone who you can learn from about dating as it’s something you might not want to talk to friends of family about.”

To find out where Rebecca will be tomorrow, visit her twitter @GBSexpert or see contact details on her website here.