Nottinghamshire Police hosted a live web chat to address the issue of internet safety.

Detective Chief Inspector Les Carlton was broadcasted live to the Nottingham public to answer questions.

Topics ranged from what is the best anti-virus software to the issues of the dark web, such as child exploitation and online fraud.

Among the advice given, DI Carlton said that he does not advise children under the age of 10 to be left unsupervised online.

He also gave advice on spotting fraudulent e-mails.

“Poor spelling and bag grammar are giveaway signs. And always be wary of links inside of e-mails.”

Concerning the more serious topic of the dark web, DI Carlton said they are far more difficult to combat.

The dark web has gained notoriety in recent years. It possesses the ability to anonymise it’s user – making them untraceable. This therefore attracts a criminal element; child pornography, drug dealing and fraud are all involved.

DI Carlton did say that advances are constantly being made.

The Q&A session lasted one hour and Nottinghamshire Police plan to do more in future.