Aspiring musicians from Nottingham can be heard on a new around-the-clock radio station.

Roots Radio is the latest addition to the local music scene and helps give musicians a platform where they can get their music heard.

The radio station is the most recent addition to the brand as the last two years have seen Roots run acoustic evenings in various pubs in Nottingham.

Owner Chris Barlow, 39, from Brinsley, runs the station from the comfort of his own home.

He said: “So far it’s doing quite well, we’ve had lots of positive comments and musicians are happy they’re getting a platform to get their music heard.

“A lot of the time the public come to the nights I put on too.”

The station has had a total of 12,000 listeners since it first started at the beginning of February.

He continued: “I’m not into any music, I just love local music, I couldn’t even tell you who is in the charts.

“I love local musicians because you get to see how hard they work and exactly what they can do.”

The station hopes to expand in the near future, along with the possibility of curating more gigs and festivals.

“I’m already involved with a few festivals but I’d love to do a weekend festival at some point where you can actually camp all weekend.”

To listen to the station, visit and search Roots Radio.