A Hucknall mum is taking part in an obstacle race to fundraise for the charity that helped her through her ordeal.
Rachel Stackhouse, 33, was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis in 2006 and is hoping to raise £500 for the charity, Myaware.
Mother-of-one Rachel had no control of her facial expressions and didn’t have much upper body strength.
The condition is now in remission so she has decided to take part in the Wild Mud Run in April with her four friends including her partner Jamie.
Rachel has had the condition since the age of 24. She said: “The Myasthenia Gravis is in remission at the moment.
“It is quite a rare disease and I’d say about 1 in 10,000 suffer from it.
“Myaware put me in touch with some other people with the same condition which was very helpful as they offered me support.
“All my friends and family were also very supportive.
“It took 18 months to diagnose and I had to take up to 18 steroid tablets a day.”
The condition can affect the use of your arms and legs as well as your breathing.
There are more people popping up with the condition, especially in America.
Rachel said she was trying to prepare for the charity event.

“I’m doing a few classes to keep fit like Zumba as well as running on my treadmill.
“I’m doing it to get fitter in myself and obviously to raise money for an organisation that is meaningful to me.”
Myasthenia is a rare condition for which there is no cure and can cause problems with talking and walking.
Myaware are a specialist charity that supports people suffering with Myasthenia and their families.
Sarah Hindley, regional organiser of the midlands for Myaware said: “There are currently 100 people living with Myasthenia in Nottinghamshire.
“We have a local support group to help those battling with this condition.
“Without people such as Rachel, we simply wouldn’t be able to run this support group or provide our specialist support services to those in the local area.”
Rachel will be battling muddy terrain and taking part in the Wild Mud Run on Saturday April 16 at Osmaston Manor in Derbyshire.
You can support Rachel at justgiving.com/shuddawuddacudda/