A Bite the Ballot campaign aimed at getting more young people signed up to vote has been hailed a success.

Young people across Nottingham have signed up to vote and shown an interest in finding out more information about the voting process as part of the National Voter Registration Drive (NVRD).

This year was the third annual NVRD and it got over 134,000 people registered across the country.

Rachel Armitage, Bite the Ballot’s community engagement officer for Nottingham, said: “I’ve been really pleased with how well people have interacted with and promoted the National Voter Registration Drive in Nottingham.”

She added: “Our audiences have been really receptive to the voter registration message. Our partners have done a fantastic job of sharing information, and members of the public have been interested in the campaign and left either registered or with more information about the registration process.”

Exact figures are not yet out for Nottingham but Rachel is confident that the week was a great success. She said: “Overall, I’m really pleased with what we’ve achieved here in Nottingham during NVRD.”

Parliamentary assistant for Nottingham North, James Potts, said: “I thought it went very well from the couple of hours I did. Despite the wind and the rain we were able to chat to lots of people and get a good number of them on the register.”

He added: “With so much political change affecting young people at the minute it is vital we exercise our democratic rights, many of which have been hard won. For example higher tuition fees, cuts to benefits and changing student maintenance grants to loans to name a few.

Mr Potts believes it is especially important for young people to get involved with voting

He said: “It is important that everyone, but especially young people, have their say and vote in elections. NVRD this year got over 134,000 people registered, which is a fantastic achievement and I am proud to have been a part of it.”

The campaign was co-ordinated by Bite the Ballot, who is a party-neutral youth movement that is committed to encouraging young people to participate in democracy and engage with decision-making.

While the NVRD has come to an end, it is not too late to register to vote and you can do so here.