Nottingham sci-fi fans are not sure how to feel at the whispers of Emma Watson potentially becoming the new Doctor Who.

Social media has blown up this week with speculations about the Harry Potter star filling the shoes of the Time Lord ahead of Peter Capaldi’s exit from the BBC show.

The Irish Examiner started the hysteria by posting a list of potential new stars with Miss Watson coming top much to the displeasure of a lot of Doctor Who fans.

“My instincts are telling me that we would lose a lot by having a female Doctor”

Steve Hatcher, the co-ordinator of the East Midlands based fan club, “The Whoovers”, said choosing a female actress could ruin the character of the Doctor and upset many fans.

He said: “My instincts are telling me that we would lose a lot by having a female Doctor. The Doctor is one of the few male role models in fiction that is determinedly non-violent and solves problems through intellect not fighting.

“There will always be something that could upset a few fans but I think most would be upset at this as it’s kind of a traditional thing.”

However, the manager of Forbidden Planet Nottingham, Adam Woodliffe, disagrees.

He believes a female Doctor would appeal to many younger female fans as the store has seen a rise in the number of females taking interest in science fiction.

“It’s time for a woman Doctor, not just a sidekick”

He said: “Recently, Doctor Who has brought in a younger audience by using younger Doctors and we’ve seen a huge increase of comic sales among the female audience. Having a female lead can only add to this interest.

“There was never a rule that the Doctor had to be male and I think using someone as recognisable as Emma Watson would be great as the younger female fans know who she is. It’s time for a woman Doctor, not just a sidekick.”

Bookie’s favourites for the next Doctor

Ben Whishaw 5/1
Richard Ayoade 6/1
Rory Kinnear 7/1
Miranda Hart 8/1
Jason Flemyng 9/1
David Harewood 10/1
Helena Bonham Carter 10/1
Alexander Vlahos 12/1
Daniel Rigby 12/1
Olivia Colman 14/1
Michael Sheen 14/1
Idris Elba 16/1
Chiwetel Ejifor 16/1
Russell Tovey 16/1
Ben Daniels 20/1 

If Emma were to decide to venture into the Tardis she would become not only the first female Doctor but the youngest at 25-years-old which could really shake up the franchise.

Dr Mattew Ashton, a senior lecturer in politics at Nottingham Trent University, has written about the political themes within the TV programme and said fans should be more open to the idea of a female lead.

Picture Shows: Peter Capaldi as The Doctor
Debates online continue on who will replace Peter Capaldi as The Doctor

He said: “One of the joys of the programme is that it’s a show that can go anywhere and do anything, yet it’s fans are often surprisingly resistant to change.

“People forget that there was controversy over the fact that Sylvestor McCoy was Scottish when he took over the role, that Christopher Ecclestone was Northern, and that Matt Smith was so young.

“The key thing is to choose a good actor that fits the character, irregardless of gender”

“The recasting of the Master with a female actress has been a great success, so there’s no reason to think that a female Doctor wouldn’t also work. The key thing is to choose a good actor that fits the character, irregardless of gender.”

Social media shows fans have a mixed reaction to the idea:

  • @AbzisFabz As much as I like Emma Watson the Doctor is a man, it’s just one of those things
  • @Horlix I agree that a female Doctor would be a great addition but I don’t think it’s the right role for Emma W
  • @Liamb7771 Emma Watson would be great. Having a popular female Doctor will be a breath of fresh air to the franchise
  • @Daisyshayler1 Emma 100%, anything’s better than Capaldi
  • @matt290994 She’d be a good assistant but the Doctor has to be a bloke
  • @Jim_Wills  No. Keep The Doctor male. They tried making The Master into ‘The Mistress’ and it just didn’t work.

The bookies’ favourite still sits with Ben Whishaw, whose biggest role of late was as Q in Spectre, but Emma’s IMDB profile suggests she has no upcoming plans after the release of next year’s Beauty And The Beast so Who fans will have to wait and see.

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