Trams came to a halt this morning outside the Theatre Royal and near Old Market Square as a man got stuck on the track.

A man was seen injured near the theatre and an ambulance quickly got to the scene.

The pedestrian was stuck under the tram at about 8:45am as the driver told everyone what occurred.

The victim is believed to be in his twenties but is not expected to have suffered any serious injuries.

Will Tooley, a 16-year-old apprentice from Eastwood, said: “A double decker bus couldn’t go through the bus route due to the tram blocking it.

“No one could move anywhere and there was a police car in between it all.”

Will has had frequent tram delays, including due to the bomb hoax the Nottingham Girls’ High School yesterday.

Will said: “I got to work 15 minutes late yesterday and today I was on the tram which couldn’t move any further due to the incident.

“I think I must have got there just as the man had gone as the tram switched sides and went the other way.”

tram 2

Stuart Bungay, 43, a managing director from Edwalton, said: “I was driving up the hill towards the tram stop and there was gridlocked traffic all the way down past the contemporary and Pitcher and Piano.

“Lots of cars were driving on the wrong side of the road to get to the car park.”

Multiple trams were impacted but were all back running shortly after.

“the pedestrian did go to hospital and we’d need to verify with the ambulance or police”

A Nottingham Express Transit representative said: “We can’t give a medical opinion but thankfully the pedestrian was not in any serious harm.

“The pedestrian did go to hospital and we’d need to verify with the ambulance or police but we are not aware of anything serious.”