Two months into 2016 and it’s already the year of the Bieber.

Ending the year on a high with seven of his songs in the UK top 20 in December, the Canadian pop star has found himself a new fan base which, I’m proud to say, includes me.

When ‘Bieber Fever’ first hit back in 2009, I was not in the slight bit interested.

I wasn’t belting out Baby in the shower or making purple posters to take to his concert. If anything, I hated Justin Bieber.

But since the release of his latest album Purpose, I’ve fallen hook, line and sinker.

It seems like I’m not the only one to be converted to the way of the Biebs. Last weekend, the first Justin Bieber appreciation night was held in Nottingham. Tickets sold out in less than an hour, with plenty of people ready to spend the night dancing to Bieber’s biggest hits.

Event organisers, the Justin Bieber Appreciation Society, expressed their love for the singer and said: “We’d just like to say that Bieber is life.”

With “110 per cent sassy night guaranteed”, Bieber visuals, face masks, stickers and bunting were provided for the event.

But not all Beliebers are happy with the star’s new-found status.

Life-long Belieber Fiona Barnes showed her love for Justin at the event and said: “I am a big Justin Bieber fan and feel like all these new fans need to back off.

“I couldn’t get tickets for his latest tour but I know that there are people out there who haven’t been a fan for as long as me but still got tickets.”

Due to its popular demand, a second event is now being planned for April 15 in the bigger venue of the Rescue Rooms.

The next event will also feature a Justin Bieber impersonator and with it promises to be bigger and better than last time. I think I need to buy a ticket and show my Bieber appreciation.