A cyclist who was the victim of a hit and run on a busy Nottingham road has released footage of the incident after police said there was insufficient evidence to charge anyone.

Reginald Scot was cycling around a roundabout in Nottingham city centre when he was knocked off his bike by a black Volvo.
The footage released this week shows the vehicle seemingly accelerate out of the traffic lights and straight into Mr Scot.
The video clearly shows the vehicle’s number plate but it was a hire vehicle and Nottinghamshire Police have said they cannot prove who was driving.
A statement from Nottinghamshire Police said: “The evidence was reviewed by the Crown Prosecution Service and a decision was made that there was not enough evidence to prove who was driving the vehicle at the moment of the collision.”
It added: “While we share the victim’s disappointment at the outcome, we feel the investigating police officer made every effort to ensure that the occupants of the car were found and brought before the courts.”
A 52-year-old man who was eligible to drive the vehicle that day received six points and was fined £150 for failing to provide driver details.
You can see the incident here.