A food bank in Hyson Green has launched a drive to raise £1000 for refugees who have recently moved to Nottingham.

Himmah, launched in 2010, became the first Muslim food bank in the UK and provides services for vulnerable people in the local community.

Sajid Mohammed, co-founder of Himmah, said the organisation were hoping to put together food parcels for the families.

He said:  “We want to provide a food parcel which will last for at least a couple of weeks for around 88 people.

“We’re looking for money rather than food to fulfil dietary and cultural requirements.”

The centre provides a soup kitchen, shelter and more for those in need of support including asylum seekers and people recently released from prison.

Sajid explained that they also hope to provide “integration services” for the refugees.

He said: “We’re planning on launching one to one English sessions and a system where people can help them with utility forms or school or getting registered at the GP.”

While 18 families have already arrived in the first cohort, another 18 families are expected between now and March.

Donations can be made at www.himmah.org.