Last night Nottingham’s Rock City played host to the emerging star singer-songwriter, Jamie Lawson. With support from Lauren Aquilina and Richard Walters, the crowd was given a real insight of what they can expect to be filling even bigger stages in the future.

The first thing that was impossible not to notice at the show was the wide age range among the assembled throng.

Whether it be parents with their teenage children, young couples, or groups of men with beer in hand, the three acts all brought something to the show that made the experience something special for them.

Lauren Aquilina said: “You’ve been the nicest crowd on this tour so far.”

Aquilina’s set was tightly produced and well rehearsed.

The sound that she and just two other members created filled the room in a way you could not anticipate.

She opened with her latest single, ‘Echoes’.

The 20-year-old Bristol ambient-pop singer was charmingly honest and humorous throughout her performance: “I’ve got some CDs on my merch stand, if you want one cool, if you don’t, that’s fine too. I’ll also be around later if you want to chat or have hugs.”

The main event of the show though was of course Jamie Lawson.

Performing songs from his self-titled number one album and other tracks he released over his career, the best way to describe the show is using his own lyrics, ‘beautiful and true’.

His performance despite the size of the room was so intimate. He gazed upon the crowd, smiling every second. His vocal made you feel like it was just you in that crowd, being told story after story from his life to you. The experience was truly heart warming.

Jamie kept the light hearted vibe of the show continuing from where Lauren Aquilina left off.

He said: “So I recently had a number one album… It was very weird. Has anyone here had a number one album? I assure you when you do, you’ll also find it very weird.”

Jamie was the first artist to sign to Ed Sheeran’s ‘Gingerbread Man Records’ in 2015.

When talking about the success of his new album, he smiled and joked: “I was number one, and Ed (Sheeran), was number two.”

The similarities between Ed and Jamie are clear for anyone to see.

A great voice, acoustic guitar, a brightly coloured check shirt and baggy jeans.

But it’s simply unfair to Jamie Lawson to just leave him in Ed Sheeran’s shadow.

Jamie Lawson is a much more rustic and romantic breed of singer-songwriter.

He is an artist of the campfire storyteller ilk, a collective of genuinely brilliant writers that you don’t always see in a modern day music industry dominated by production.

Jamie Lawson announced himself to Nottingham last night, and his reputation is only going to build in this city and the rest of Britain.