Plans for a multi-million pound extension to Nottingham’s busy tramline connecting the city to Derby have been warmly welcomed.

The tram currently only serves inside Nottingham, with two new lines ending in the Clifton and Beeston areas of the city not long being finished.

The plan would see the tramline also pass through East Midlands Airport, decreasing congestion in and around the area.

William Parkin

Nottingham Trent ICT student William Parkin, of School Lane, Ripley, Derbyshire, said: “A tram would help me out massively when travelling to university. Currently I drive to Nottingham, so I spend a fair amount on petrol and parking in the city centre.

“If I could get the tram it would help, I could park and ride from a stop near Derby which would make my journey smoother and a lot less stressful as it would avoid me driving in to and around Nottingham city centre.”

This tramline would pass directly next to where the proposed HS2 station on the outskirts of Nottingham would be, making the tram an efficient and easy way for commuters to access both city centres direct from the station.

Adnan Rashid

Nottingham Trent journalism student Adnan Rashid, 22, of Leacroft Road, Normanton, Derby, said: “If the trams had been in place during my years studying, it would have made travelling a lot easier as I commute every day.

“Currently I catch the Red Arrow link between Derby and Nottingham and sometimes it can be a nightmare. The A52 can have some horrendous traffic at times, making me late to university.”

There is currently no concrete date as to when the line would be aimed to be finished by as it is still only in planning, but the idea is gaining positive feedback amongst students.