Art rockers Everything Everything graced Rock City with a mesmerizing performance.

During their mammoth extended set on Wednesday November 11, lead singer Jonathan Higgs hit every glorious falsetto note with great admiration from the devoted crowd.

Higgs arguably possesses one of the most distinctive voices in music today, combined with a heavy use of laptop processing and complex song construction. The electronic pop stylings of Everything Everything surely stand out as one of the most unique bands of recent times.

Taking to the stage earlier in matching one-piece outfits and metallic shades, Stealing Sheep were enormously impressive openers.

The all-female Liverpudlian trio won the crowd over with their psychedelic pagan pop sound.

Their mix of organic and electronic sounds teamed with bouncy pop vocals were a pleasure to the ears while proving to be a band of serious multi-instrumental talent.

Everything Everything refreshingly took to stage bang on 8:30pm in matching grey and black ensembles opening with To the Blade, the first track from their recent album Get To Heave. A heavy, slightly dark, pop number that did not fail to create an energy amongst the crowd.

The hour and a bit long lively set had the devoted audience singing along to favourites Regret, Cough Cough, Don’t Try and Photoshop Hansom.

The main set closed with Spring, Sun, Winter, Dread and as soon as the band were out of sight the crowd roared for more.

After a very swift outfit change the band emerged in matching orange jackets to deliver No Reptiles and Distant Past, a disco-infused crowd pleaser to close the show.

  • Everything Everything are an English art rock band that formed in late 2007.
  • They have a unique electronic sound with complex song structure sung by Johnathan Higgs falsetto.
  • Other band members are Jeremy Pritchard (bass, keyboards), Alex Robertshaw (guitar, keyboards) and Michael Spearman (drums)
  • They originate from Northumberland, Kent and Guernsey and reside in Manchester
  • The band have released three albums to date – 2010s Man Alive, 2013s Arc and 2015s Get To Heaven.