Hyson Green is set to welcome its newly relocated library at the Mary Potter Centre next week.

Nottingham City Council made the decision last year to invest in the newly established Library and Information Centre, located in Gregory Boulevard, to provide modern facilities and encourage the community to read more.

The library will run alongside existing community services which run at the centre and will open on Monday, November 23.

Dave Trimble, portfolio holder for leisure and culture, is confident that the community will take to the library.

He said: “We know that when we create a new and better library which is less stuffy and less institutional, the usage goes through the roof – particularly with young people.

“The community can expect really welcoming spaces, far more computers and can expect it to be a great social hub for people to mix, make friendships and enhance their education.”

The incentive for the council is to get children reading from a young age to improve their chances in later life.

Coun Trimble added: “We know that when a child can read their educational chances are much better in terms of employability, how well they do and whether they go to university – or not – we want to give kids the best start in life.

“What the library space does is connect lots of groups together that have never been connected before.”

The council does not believe the new library will interfere with the existing services offered at The Mary Potter Centre, rather that it will become the hub of information where people can go and find out about Hyson Green.

Kam Hart, head of informatics and the library said: “The original Hyson Green Library was a lone library. Even though it’s a great facility we decided to relocate to the Mary Potter Centre because it’s a more open space and it connects with other services at the centre.

“It’s a one stop shop in a more accessible location which offers more services.”