I am a second year Nottingham Trent University student and until mid November when my flat will be completed, I live in the Premier Inn on Goldsmith Street.

Many would regard it as a life of simplicity.

But it’s far from the raucous parallel universe Hunter S. Thompson created in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

The cleaners make your bed, fresh towels are delivered every day and I can acquire my morning dose of take out coffee just downstairs. But it’s not as cool as the 10-year-old in your mind wishes it were.

Inside these four walls I am permanently dependent upon the nice people at reception to give me drinkable water, the Tesco Metro down the street to pick out my evening meal from their vast sandwich selection, and let’s not forget the laundrette to keep me in the simply audacious wardrobe only a media undergraduate could throw together.

I realise I’m grumbling and should feel very lucky, at least I have somewhere to live.

Although it isn’t ideal, I can roll out of bed 15 minutes before I start my day and arrive in the Chaucer Building with time to spare (if I wanted to).

I don’t have to pay for electricity, heating, nor wifi connection, which certainly makes life easier and your student loan look a whole lot healthier.

The familiar sound of trams beating down the street is a strangely welcome soundtrack too.

In retrospect, I may be sad deep down when I exchange my hotel room for my flat.

The cliché goes that ‘home is where you lay your head’, the 10-year-old in my mind built a fort where it lay.