CCTV cameras are to be installed outside student homes in a city street after five burglaries in the space of two weeks.

Thieves snatched valuables such as iPads and laptops during a spate of incidents in North Sherwood Street which left students worried and angry.

Students living there said they wanted to see more security measures to deter the criminals.

Letting agency, Megaclose Ltd, which provides accommodation to students in the city, has now agreed to install security lighting and CCTV outside its properties.

Victim Ben Brown, 19, whose flat was burgled, said: “I’m pleased to be finally getting the CCTV cameras installed.

“Having already been burgled, and with the number of burglaries which have happened recently, it gets to the stage where you no longer feel safe in your own home.”

Harriet Yates, 21, also a student at Nottingham Trent University, said: “There’s clearly a sufficient need for CCTV and I’m glad that action has been taken after numerous complaints.”

Sam Stevenson, 21, had his flat broken into on October 31. He said: “My friend had his Xbox and iPod stolen. They didn’t even go upstairs, they just walked in and got out again.

“The street is really dark at this time of year, so better lighting would make a difference.”

Megaclose Ltd has issued a statement to its student tenants, saying: “Megaclose has been liaising with a specialist lighting and CCTV company to ascertain where to fit added external security lighting at the rear of the property, which will be installed as soon as possible.

“The installation of CCTV will also be fitted at the rear of the property, after the lighting, as recommended by the engineer.”

Paul Thrower, director of development at the firm, said: “Lighting is probably one of the most effective ways of stopping people from going into back yards.

“When there’s reactive lighting which comes on, it shines a bright light on an area when someone’s trying to get in. All we can do is put measures in place which will make the properties a less desirable place for people to come in.

“I think everyone can help themselves by using their alarms when they’ve gone out.”

Police are still investigating break-ins on October 23, 24, 30, 31 and November 1.

Anyone with information can contact police on 101.