Bulwell retailers have been suffering at the hands of shoplifters and have been warned by police to be on their guard.

There have been 588 reported incidents of shoplifting in Nottinghamshire in just September alone and across each month at least 30 of them occur in Bulwell, the UK Crime Stats suggests.

The British Retail Consortium retail crime survey, which was published earlier this year found that on average over two fifths of customer thefts went undetected.

Manager of Wilkinsons, Kerry Scott, 42 said: “We have had a few that have been dealt with and sorted, but I am sure that it’s getting worse by the day.

“You can see outside on the police notice board all the CCTV shots of people who are currently wanted, there’s not an empty space on there.

“Shoplifting is horrendous AT THE MOMENT”

“We have a lot of staff, so if we catch a shoplifter we have codes that we send out over the tannoy and radio systems.”

The police are currently trying to seek funding for a radio link between the main shops to alert the staff when well-known shoplifters are in the area.

Matt Cass, manager of Superdrug on Main Street said: “Shoplifting is horrendous at the moment. We get them daily, some get reported and others get away with it – that’s why we are getting CCTV installed as we speak.

“I caught a shoplifter earlier today, when I asked them what they were doing they just looked at me and walked out of the shop.

“It’s definitely got a lot worse as PSCOs don’t patrol the high streets anymore due to the cuts. It’s devastating as we can’t do much more than we already are to prevent it,” the 30-year-old added.

If you have any information or see any suspicious behaviour, please tell a member of staff of the stores or contact the Bulwell Police team on 101 (ext 855 4961).