Student halls are set to be invaded as part of a joint scheme between Nottingham police and Trent University to crack down on drugs.

In an email sent to students, the university say they have been working closely with police to plan a series of unannounced visits from highly trained sniffer dogs across all freshers’ accommodation.

In the last year several students living across the halls have been discovered in possession of illegal drugs which Trent University say has led to the students found with the substances being removed from the residential halls some also being sent home.

The university say that any student found to be in possession of prohibited substances will face formal disciplinary action while some may find themselves being referred to a formal hearing for serious misconduct.

Julie Jackson, has been administrative manager at Sandby Halls for the last year but has worked in similar positions for the last eight years and says that whilst her current halls have never had a large drugs problems she knows surrounding halls have struggled in the past.

Julie said, “It’s great to show that we don’t condone that type of behaviour in the halls or anywhere else in the university.

“To set an early precedent against this sort of thing will be great to show our intent to protect the student that live here.”

Students residing in the halls have been speaking about the upcoming crack down and don’t seem too concerned about the situation.

Daniel Kemp, 19, a Civil Engineering student living at  Hampden Halls believes the visits have a positive impact.

Daniel said, “I haven’t got anything to hide, if there are drugs in the halls I’d rather they be stamped out.”

Ross Hammond, 19, currently resides in the Byron residence said, “I’m fine with it honestly, these halls are free of drugs anyway, it just smells a bit.

“To me it’s fine, and they can do what they want to improve the halls.”

Cherish Halbury, 19, a marketing student living at Byron Halls, believes the checks are good news.

Cherish said, “I don’t really care what people do it’s up to them, but there should be checks anyway, obviously drugs are dangerous so they need to check.”

Police sniffer dog visits will be taking place at random, unannounced times over the next few months across all Trent University residential halls.