LOCAL shops across Nottingham are preparing themselves for yet another year of Black Friday sales.

The shopping holiday brings with it a fair degree of hysteria and stores are preparing themselves for the 27th November.

Many bargains are going to be available for eagle-eyed shoppers who are vying for that perfect gift for Christmas.

One Nottingham store certainly expecting to be busy this time round is Rough Trade, and Store Manager, Leah Johnson was full of praise for the occasion.

She said: “We have many offers this year and this is really our mini record store day, obviously not on the same scale.

“The offers we have are available for that day only and include certain exclusive vinyl and nice box sets for a cheap price.

“Personally I think it’s scare-mongering and there’s enough stress with Christmas anyway”

“It coincides with the beginning of the 12 days of Christmas where we offer specific 7 or 12 inch records for a lower price.

“This time of year it’s busy anyway and hopefully won’t be manic but it brings out shoppers out due to the hype but not as much as places who offer TVs for £10.

“We offer more exclusive products rather than the bargains and when it happened last year we had only just opened up.

“We wish to promote stuff on Instagram and our Facebook page.

“Personally I think it’s scare-mongering and there’s enough stress with Christmas anyway, so I’d rather save myself for the Boxing Day sales.”

However, a different record shop, Music Exchange were less enthusiastic about the event.

Staff member Neil Johnson said: “We don’t have many offers, things are just more expensive than usual such as certain collectables.

“We advertise on social media but do nothing big, we leave that for the big department stores who have more buying power.

“It’s less organised in this country than America and we don’t expect any great drama as its barely a blimp on our Record Store day.”

“its barely a blimp on our Record Store day”

Gadget store, MenKind, located in Victoria Centre were welcoming Black Friday with open arms and Manager, Craig Wileman said:

“We are aiming to do 50% more daily sales on Black Friday and that’s what we’re hoping for.

“We did okay last year but we didn’t put in as much effort and only did a couple of deals.

“We will have posters on the windows and hitting it hard on our website and our Facebook page.”

Local Nottingham electronic store, Superfi, is another shop expecting a lot of trade and Assistant Manager Michael Westbury said:

“Judging by the previous year, it will be manic for our four staff but we’re having more staff available this year.

“We have certain special deals but we can’t reveal them yet but we will have posters on the windows depicting Black Friday and on our main screen on the website it will be offers orientated.

“On a personal level though I think it’s potentially damaging for the smaller trade and we all work to maximise profit but it works more for the bigger shops.”