lion revived

A Bulwell pub won’t only be welcoming the local punters on the eve of Halloween but also its well-known spirits.

An Electronic Voice Phenomena team will be joining the staff and regulars at The Lion Revived, on Robinson’s Hill, on the eve of October 31.

Landlady Helen Tunneycliff, 48, said: “This place is steeped with history. So we decided to make an event of it and invited the EVP team to join us on Halloween, and anyone from the public is welcome.”

The staff and patrons have witnessed ghostly goings-on at the drinking hole and have had an investigation team from the Ghosts Of Nottingham group in before.

The Bulwell-born landlady added: “When I was working at the till one night in particular, I felt a tug at my skirt, it was pretty unnerving.”

It was said by the ghost investigation team that the two ghosts who were present were that of an old man and a little girl.

Helen, a mum to Ashley, 27, Nathaniel,16 and Millie,14, only took over the pubabout 10 weeks ago.

She has worked in the pub trade for 10 years and previously ran the Framesmith’s Arms and The Forest Hotel, also in Bulwell.

Helen said: “The community is really closely knit here and I get a lot of regulars here at The Lion Revived. When I heard all of this spiritual talk it intrigued me to find out more.”

The pub started out as a Victorian hotel, and was known as The White Lion during the First World War.

It wasn’t until the mid-70s that the pub became The Lion Revived, previously it was known as The Robinsons Hill.

Paul Shneigh, 59, of Bulwell said: “I heard about the ghostly presence in the pub and also heard about the EVP team visiting The Lion, it is very intriguing but I don’t like stuff like that.”

lion revived 2

Haunted: Old non-refurbished part of the pub where the spirits remain.

Helen said: ” Apparently every night the table in the top left hand corner of the non-refurbished part of the pub flips over, so we’re going to try and catch that with the EVP team which is exciting.”

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